Welcome to The Urban Shaman!

Since 2001, The Urban Shaman has been dedicated to preservation of plant knowledge and renewing humanity's indigenous relationship with magical and sacred plants. Our herbal products are sold as important cultural artifacts and for educational, identification, and research purposes only.

We also carry many rare books, an expansive selection of incense and sage, and decor that draws upon the richness of world spiritual traditions. 

You may contact us by e-mail for products you are interested in. Please know we are limited with sharing information about the plants and cannot give any medical advice and ask that people do their own research before purchasing. We usually reply within 24 hours during business days. We accept payment by e-transfer.

Our email address is

Currently we only ship within Canada.

  • Please research all entheogens, herbs and cacti prior to purchase. *Some products are limited in availability.

  • All purchasers must be 19 years of age or older to place orders and may be required to provide identification.

Thank you for visiting The Urban Shaman online.

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